Air Freight Service

          Air Freight is suitable for shipments that require speed and reliability of delivery, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, vaccines, integrated circuits, machinery parts, urgent transportation, vulnerable and valuable shipments.


Sea Freight Service

          The advantages of Sea Freight are fewer restrictions, no functional limit on shipment size, suitability for transporting large quantities of goods, and less cost than other types of transportation furthermore, it fewer carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions when compared to air freight, and due to lower sulfur level in fuel.


In-land Transportation & Local Distribution

          In-land transportation includes transportation by road, rail, waterways, and pipelines. Because Thailand is located in the middle of the Indochina Peninsula, we can quickly connect the cargo from overseas to the neighboring countries in this region. On the other hand, this contributes to the planning and operation of the organization more efficiently, which can facilitate customers in every destination in the country, whether it is receiving products at the factory or the customer’s warehouse to deliver to the port, airport, railway station or for customs clearance. For these reasons, In-land transport plays an important role in transporting goods to the destination.


Intermodal Transportation

          To connect the dots of the global economy, various modes of transportation are involved in this activity. Instead of shifting goods from one vehicle to the next in their journey, intermodal transport handles these special standardized containers instead. This process brings many benefits, such as increased safety for the goods and faster delivery.


Warehouse Management & Packing Service

          Warehouse Management is the solution to support local businesses to store and distribute their goods to their customers. This solution includes a Fulfillment Service, Piece Picking Service, Packing and Reinforcement Service.


Customs Clearance & Documentation Service

          To avoid unnecessary costs, and less time-consuming of import–export processes. Correct and accurate Customs Clearance and well-prepared related document by experienced agent is important.


Project Logistics

          Project Logistics involves planning, organizing, and controlling the complete flow of typically large, bulky, heavy, unusually shaped, and high-value shipments to serve the demanding areas of supply chain, logistics, and transportation.


Haulage Service

          Haulage Service is the transportation of goods between suppliers and large consumer outlets, factories, warehouses, or depots. Such as fruits, vegetables, foodstuffs, clothes, etc.


Door to Door Service

          Door-to-door service provides delivering goods directly from the door of the sender or warehouse and delivered to the door of customers. Together with our services, both Warehouse and distribution and Packing and reinforcement services, support local business costs, time-consuming, and procedure, for more time to focus on promotions and marketing.


LCL Consolidation

          LCL is a mode of sea freight service. The advantage of LCL is lower costs and easy time management with a certain schedule of ships. With less time for tracking, more time to focus on the on-hand business.