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          Mercury Logistics Co., Ltd. established in Thailand, is an international cross-border logistics firm. Since its founding in 2000, we have earned a solid reputation for expertise in cross-border logistics and supply chain solutions. Our experience ranges from cross-border documentation and shipping through fulfillment, piece picking, and overall logistical assistance.


Contact Information

Main office
Address: 9 Soi Seri Villa Village (1st Intersection),
Nhongbon, Praves, Bangkok 10250 Thailand
Tel: +66 (2) 398 2266
Contact Person: Weradej Danudomkit

Regional Transhipment Hub 

          Laos is located at the East–West Corridor, linking Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam, midway between the nearest Vietnamese seaport of Danang (about 500km) and the Thailand port of Bangkok (about 600km).

          Geography plays an important role in the setting of an in-transshipment market, and it is at the crossroads of major shipping routes The result is a perfectly positioned transport hub at the center of an intermodal network, designed to connect carriers, freight forwarders, importers, and exporters with their overseas customers by providing access to truck, container, and bulk cargo facilities.

          Consideration for the establishment of DRY PORT/ ICD operator in Laos, in the future step,  is very important which will be container terminal operators. Logistics Parks is perfectly suited to provide service terminal operations. Laos is located in the center of ASEAN countries, and it offers a premier gateway to the world.

Opportunities For Expanding Connections

          Historically, the land trade route connecting the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean had to pass through the Indochina Peninsula to facilitate and reduce transit times. Up to the present situation, the connection transportation routes are still operating and growing more due to this route being the most convenient and suitable method to support the demand of the global market between the two continents.

          Once the successful connection of future transportation routes means there will be more demand for over 1,000 million people including China and ASEAN countries. (not including the Middle East, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan).

Future Logistics Hub Center

          China-Laos high-speed train The investment budget is approximately 1.9 billion baht. which almost all investments belong to the Chinese side as part of the policy “One Belt, One Road” or China’s BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) or the Silk Road project. To connect the transport network in Southeast Asia with South Asia, Central Asia to Europe, but before reaching that point in the future must connect through Thailand. to Singapore.

          Thailand is still in the early stages of Construction of high-speed trains, Phase 1 Bangkok-Nakhon Ratchasima and Phase 2 Nakhon Ratchasima-Nong Khai before connecting the cross-border route in Nong Khai Province in the construction of a railway bridge across the Mekong River Support historical route transport and increase opportunities for Thailand ,Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore to connect with China from lower costs which the center point is in Laos connecting with to Malaysia and Singapore.

Our Commitment

Advanced Training and Development: Our ongoing training ensures our team stays at the cutting edge of logistical knowledge, adapting to the latest industry trends and technology.

Innovative Solutions: We cultivate an innovative culture where our teams explore creative techniques and technologies to streamline logistics and meet evolving client needs.

Compliance & Regulations: Mercury Logistics keeps up with changing regulations and compliance needs, ensuring that we remain completely compliant while minimizing inconveniences to your supply chain.

Strategic Location

Owing to our strategic location in Thailand, we may serve as a critical crossroads for enterprises wishing to venture throughout Southeast Asia.

Customized Solutions

We design logistics to your specific requirements, assuring the most efficient strategies for your success.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality controls guarantee that your deliveries meet or surpass industry requirements.


Our supply chain and route understanding saves you time and money, which increases your bottom line.

Partnership Focus

Choosing us means choosing a devoted logistics partner who is committed to your development and success.